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L5. Intercultural Competence activities 3-5:

Taking into account what intercultural competence is: The United States Army Research Institute has defined it as “A set of cognitive, behavioral, and affective/motivational components that enable individuals to adapt effectively in intercultural environments.” We have chosen to discuss this exercise from a course book: This exercise is connected with the intercultural competence. The aim… Continue reading L5. Intercultural Competence activities 3-5:


L3. Extra Activity. World Englishes-David Crystal

16/12/2016 It is a well-known fact that English is now a global language. In this video David Crystal talks about what happens when English becomes a global language. For example, “when a country takes up the English as a language and adopts it, it immediately adapts it to suit its circumstances.” Therefore, we use a… Continue reading L3. Extra Activity. World Englishes-David Crystal