Teaching English for Gifted Students

I have sometimes heard teachers talking about their fear of having gifted students in class, claiming that the majority of them has never been trained to help these students improve their abilities and get them to be motivated towards the different activities carried out in class. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry. Here you… Continue reading Teaching English for Gifted Students

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Conference: Teaching students with Down Syndrome

On Wednesday 14th of December we attended the V Conference Innovation in Philology and Communication Studies: Methodological and Research Applications. In this blog entry I am going to summarise the main points of a very interesting paper: Second Language Learning in Down Syndrome children by Laura Sicilia Polo, UCM.  This topic is of great interest since… Continue reading Conference: Teaching students with Down Syndrome

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Considerations and tips for teaching literacy

As we were preparing for the attention to diversity topic, we came up with the idea of teaching students who, for some reason, have low level of literacy. As we do not have enough time to deal with this in class, we did some research in order to find answers to the main questions and provide… Continue reading Considerations and tips for teaching literacy