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L5. Intercultural Competence activities 3-5:

Taking into account what intercultural competence is:

The United States Army Research Institute has defined it as “A set of cognitive, behavioral, and affective/motivational components that enable individuals to adapt effectively in intercultural environments.”

We have chosen to discuss this exercise from a course book:


This exercise is connected with the intercultural competence. The aim here is to observe the two photos and to compare them using the comparative. Moreover, the students have to give opinions. Then they have to talk about their own country and cities using the unit’s vocabulary and the grammar. This exercise is really appropriate for our students in order to get in touch with other cultures and countries. With this the students will develop skills and attitudes to deal with intercultural environments. This is another example of the intercultural competence:

primera página.jpg

This activity helps the students to know more about the work situation in Britain and therefore they are conscious of their situation in Spain. They can compare them and have more knowledge in this topic.

The methodology that we will use is based in critical reflections about the different contexts and societies in the countries. We would like to teach them not only the language but also the culture (history, values, politics, economics, communication styles, values, beliefs and practices). We want our students to become curious, respectful, open-minded and researchers.


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