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L5 EGL Activity 1-5

In your opinion: What is “Intercultural Competence” (I.C.)? We think that Intercultural Competence is the ability to connect the knowledge and teaching to different cultures, in order to promote tolerance and respect to other cultures and harmonious coexistance. We believe that as a result of globalisation, it is crucial to include I.C. because cultural diversity… Continue reading L5 EGL Activity 1-5


L5. Intercultural competence activities 4-5

Describe the general terms of the arrengement, i.e.: country, age and academic level of students, length of the stay, who is visiting who this time, and any other detail you may consider relevant. Based in our experience, we have created the following situation, terms and conditions for the Exchange program of a high school in… Continue reading L5. Intercultural competence activities 4-5


L3. Extra Activity. World Englishes-David Crystal

16/12/2016 It is a well-known fact that English is now a global language. In this video David Crystal talks about what happens when English becomes a global language. For example, “when a country takes up the English as a language and adopts it, it immediately adapts it to suit its circumstances.” Therefore, we use a… Continue reading L3. Extra Activity. World Englishes-David Crystal


The Past, Present, and Future of World English by David Crystal (Summary)

The prospect of English becoming a global language is uncertain as there is no historical precedence. That is why is necessary to have a look to what happened in its past in order to speculate about its future. A language achieves a genuine global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in… Continue reading The Past, Present, and Future of World English by David Crystal (Summary)