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2nd December 2016 

In previous lessons, groups of work were created in order to carry out the tasks and assignments that would be set by our professor throughout the semester.

The first task was to gather the most relevant information of some of the most important linguistic theories along with their authors and prepare a presentation of our research. Therefore, the 2nd of December was devoted to present our projects. In what follows, a brief description of the session will be made.

The chosen authors were Saussure, Chomsky, Bakhtin, Austin and Searle, Hymes, Labov, Piaget and Vygotsky. In order, each group presented their author. To this end, we had prepared some slides of a power point presentation and an explanation of the most relevant points of each author and his theory. The other groups were listening attentively to their classmates and taking notes of their performance in order to assess them according to the evaluation criteria that each group had established.

Group 8 made a research on Piaget and on his constructivist theory in language acquisition. The points that we highlighted from him were his life, the influences that he received and who was influenced by him afterwards, his contribution to the children’s cognitive development and the educational implications of such theory.


This task had a double purpose. Firstly, it was intended to promote collaborative working among all the classmates by creating a joint power point presentation and also among the members of the group by having to coordinate ourselves to prepare a good project. Secondly, it was aimed at highlighting the relevance of the assessment: what and how needs to be assessed.



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