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13th January 2017

This lesson was devoted to the design of inclusive activities. Prior to this session, we had to read some articles and visit some web pages about inclusive education, not only of gifted students as we dealt with the last session, but also of students with special needs such as ADHD students. Therefore, the beginning of the class was focused on sharing what we researched and the explanation on the part of the teacher of how these students are dealt in schools. We realized that there is a need of developing more inclusive techniques so that these students’ needs are satisfied as well as the other students’ are.

Then, with the purpose of becoming aware of this reality and working further on inclusive education, some didactic units were brought and distributed into the usual groups of work of this subject. We had to discuss if such units were designed with the aim of satisfying all kind of students’ needs and to create different inclusive activities: warm-up, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening. Furthermore, we had to develop a project which was characterised by being inclusive and that, at the same time, gathered the contents of this unit.

In groups, we started working on the development of this task. In our group, we started by making a brainstorming of the ideas we had in mind for all types of activities. Then, we wrote a first draft of all of them and each one of us developed in detail one of such exercises, always checking what we were doing with the other mates and helping each other. Once we did so, we shared our writing, corrected the mistakes and improved all together our proposals. We put a lot of effort on it, but we all agree that it was worthwhile bringing closer to this reality and putting ourselves in those teachers’ shoes who have to create an inclusive environment every day.



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