Resources for the EFL classroom

In order to become a 21st Century teacher is crucial to be aware of the vast selection of materials, platforms and resources that ICT can offer. The following are just some examples of how apps, webs and online communities can help us become more updated and better teachers.

Ted-Ed: Conferences to use in class as a tool to promote listening skills and critical thinking.

Mentormob: An online community that uses videos and playlists as a way to promote free and social learning.

Memrise: Learning platform based on fun discovery and the sense of comunity. It offers Language courses but also Math, Ciences, History and many others, and they can be learnt in English.

Learnist: An App that has been described as the “Pinterest” of learning. You can learn how to thrive in life and work from Arianna Huffington, learn how to make movies from Gus Van Sant, learn how to live in the wild from survival experts, learn how to make the perfect almond butter from foodies, or learn about geometry from a real teacher. Perfect tool to motivate English learners.

Socrative: An App that quickly assesses students with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to get immediate insight into student understanding.


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