L1. Activity 1.1: EU Language Policies


  • What do you think is the role of the EU Policies in Education?


Not being perspective, they appear as an attempt to unify the educational system, although the responsibility is of each individual member state. Therefore, their main goal is not to establish how things should be learnt and taught, rather, these seek to promote a unify system of learning as well as to raise citizens’ awareness of how beneficial learning could be.


  • What do you understand by EU Language Policies?


The EU Language Policies are regulations aiming is to promote the learning of languages within the state members With this purpose, they encourage cooperation between the states by promoting mobility of citizens, designing joint study programmes, establishing networks, exchanging information or teaching the languages of the European Union.   


  • Can you name any EU initiative related to Language Learning?


Concerning the learning of languages, the Erasmus programme is possibly the most renowned as if offers many chances to travel Europe while studying or working in a different language. Moreover, among other programmes, the Bologna initiative also benefits and promotes the learning of languages as its purpose is to unify the degrees among the European universities. Thus, it facilitates the mobility of students and the fulfilment of other language programmes.


  • In our opinion


1-what are the main factors that drive EU Language Policies?


I believe that EU Language Policies are mainly driven by economic and political factors. Their interest in promoting the learning of languages is in the end a consequence of the necessity for the citizens to move and cover the job opportunities that fit them. Hence, creating a better and a unified union that could compete for a leading global position.


2-what are the main factors that make people want to learn a language?


These days, due to the economic crisis and the globalization, learning a language usually implies getting a better job. However, apart from the general interest in improving their curriculum vitae, there are also some for whom learning languages increases their possibilities to travel and opens their boundaries to new cultures.


3-what are the main factors that make people interested in defending any specific Language Policy?


In our opinion, possibly because of the grants and initiatives that allow and facilitate the learning of languages. People have realized how beneficial learning languages is. However, they have also seen how expensive it could become. Therefore, these days, Language Policies are one of the most praised European initiatives and are continuously asked to be improved and generalized.


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